Saturday, August 4, 2012

My First Liebster Blog Award

     Well, I don't really know what to say about this other then "thank you" to Natalie over at The Swing Mood for picking me as one of her eleven people to tag who she thought deserved the award. I find it incredibly marvelous of her.
     This being my first time at bat with one of these things, I'll just start off by giving the rules once you receive this beauty: The first one is that I've got to tell eleven things all about me (which I'm figuring are eleven NEW things you didn't know), the second is that I've got to answer the eleven questions that the person who picked me asked . . . I've seen what Natalie asked and all I've got to say about that is . . . Oh, goody! The third rule is that I've got to tag eleven other people . . . and the fourth (and final) rule is that I've got to ask them eleven questions. Sounds fun, right? I think so, so let's get started, shall we?

11 Things You Didn't Know About Moi!

11. I know how to play the flute.
10. I'm very OCD about things such as the fact that all my films have to be in alphabetical order by title, my music alphabetical order by the artists FIRST name, and my books are arranged by their height.
9. I've taught myself to write with my left hand, though it's not nearly as good as my right hand, and though I'm right handed, I eat with my left hand.
8. I have two kittens that are named Kit (as in the candy bar, Kit Kat, my sister named her), and Missy, whom I named after Barbara Stanwyck.
7. My lucky/favorite number is seven.
6. I'm obsessed with anything Italian.
5. I want to be a U.S. History teacher. I did want to be a medical examiner, but that was before I found out how much I stink at chemistry last year when I was a junior.
4. I have bright strawberry blonde hair and dark blues eyes. Some days my hair looks really blonde, and then others it's really red, when it's wet, it's red with blonde highlights basically.
3. I write entirely in cursive which people have a hard time reading not because I have horrible handwriting, but because, as they put it, "it's too neat, too pretty, and too loopy".
2. I know how to speak a little of both French and Spanish, though I can read the language better than I speak it; and I'm teaching my self how to read and speak in Italian.
1. I'm extremely sarcastic. No joke.

Natalie's 11 Questions

1. In film do you prefer black&white or color? Black and White
2. In photographs do you prefer black&white or color? Black and White
3. Your favorite era in music? 30s-60s
4. Do you have a tumblr? No, but I do raid it quite often, as does a friend of mine for me.
5. Your second favorite actress? Katharine Hepburn
6. Your favorite movie starring your second favorite actress? Bringing Up Baby (1938)
7. Your second favorite actor? James Stewart (Cary and Dean are tied as #1)
8. Your favorite movie starring your second favorite actor? Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
9. Favorite foreign film? (I haven't watched too many foreign films, but of the few that I have it would be . . . ) La Strada (1954) which is The Road in Italian, and it stars Anthony Quinn.
10. Ice cream or French fries? French fries w/ranch dressing. Yum!
11. If you could see your favorite actress in any movie role [real or imagined] what would it be? I would have loved to see Jean Arthur in any film with Dean Martin.

My 11 . . . 

Bobby-Socks and Old Film Reels
Classic Movie Man
Out of the Past
Classic Film and TV Cafe
The Lady Eve's Reel Life
Dave's Classic Films
Sittin' on a Backyard Fence
A Trip Down Memory Lane
Caftan Woman
Another Old Movie Blog
MacGuffin Movies

The Big 11 . . .

1. Who is your least favorite actor?
2. Despite the fact that you don't like the actor, do you have a film that you really like with him starring in it?
3. A popular film that you'll never be able to understand why it's so popular?
4. A film that you really, really want to see, but haven't yet had the chance to?
5. What film of your favorite actress is your least favorite?
6. A favorite actor or actress who didn't make as many films as you wished that they had?
7. Do you have a film that, if not anything else, you love the dialogue?
8. Favorite film composer?
9. Do you have a film that you love, but didn't like the way it ended, and so you wish you could remake the ending to suit what you believe should have happened?
10. In your opinion, who do you think is the most underrated actor and/or actress?
12. A film that no matter what, you'll never watch it?


Margaret Perry said...

Yay Katharine Hepburn! And Jimmy Stewart and Carey Grant! Wouldn't it be awesome if they were all in a movie together? Oh wait!

I got this award too, but I didn't follow the rules as well as you did.

BriggitteLikeBardot said...

Finally getting around to this darlin'! Sorry it took so long! :D