Thursday, March 1, 2012

7 Degrees of Sidney: The Answers

     Okay, so, to be quite honest, I'm shocked that NO ONE got the answers to this. Perhaps I stretched it out too far for us classic film lovers, but I figured that I would try to show how far one generation could be connected to the next. I guess next time I'll have to keep it more in our area of knowledge, won't I?
     Anywho, here's the answers:

Poitier ==> Sammy Davis, Jr. = Porgy and Bess, 1951
Davis, Jr. ==> 3 = Terry Bradshaw, Cannonball Run, 1981; shared no scenes; famous NFL player (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Bradshaw ==> Matthew McConaughey = Failure to Launch, 2006
McConaughey == 5 = Jennifer Gardner = Spin of Charles Dickens novel (Christmas Carol -> Ghosts of Girlfriends Past); film released 2009
Gardner ==> 6 = Ricky Gervais; The Invention of Lying, 2009; British comedian
Gervais ==> Tina Fey = The Office, 2011

     Yep. That's how they are connected.

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