Monday, March 5, 2012

Susan's Essentials

     Here's my five essentials for Susan Hayward. I hope you find one that might interest you if you haven't already seen it.
  1. Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman . . . Film Review (March 10, Saturday)
  2. They Won't Believe Me . . . Film Review (March 17, Saturday)
  3. My Foolish Heart . . . Film Review (March 24, Saturday)
  4. Untamed . . . Film Review (March 28, Wednesday)
  5. Back Street . . . Film Review (March 31, Saturday)

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David said...

Hello RC,

Sorry for taking so long in getting to this ;P The only film I have yet to see is Back Street, which I really need to find. :-) If I may, I'll add a few other films of Susan's that are really great:

1. House of Strangers - my personal favorite of Susan's because of her character, aside from being knock dead gorgeous. The chemistry between her and Conte is literally sizzling throughout the film, complemented by witty, ping pong dialogue. :)

2. I'll Cry Tomorrow - another alcoholic film, by far the finest film done in that "genre", even superior to Smash Up. Every time I watch it(Which hasn't been very much, too hard to watch many times) I'm simply blown away with her performance. Definitely a nominee for one of the finest performances ever by an actress. Powerful.

3. I Want to Live - another one of Susan's hard to watch films, another very powerful performance. Finally an Oscar winner for Best Actress in this film for Susan.

On Wednesday as per my tradition I'll be uploading a video tribute to Susan Hayward - this time on her two most powerful films, I'll Cry Tomorrow and I want to Live. :-)

Look forward to reading your reviews RC! <3

Take care,