Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Stages in Life of a Dean Martin Fan

You think he's adorable.
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1. You like his music.
2. You like his movies.
3. You like some of the clips that you've seen of his show.
4. You think he's funny.
5. You think he drinks a lot.
6. You know he smokes a lot.
7. You know he loves women, and you know that women love him.


1. You love his music.
2. You love his movies.
3. You love what you have seen of his show.
4. You know he's funny.
5. You start to wonder if he really was drinking.
6. You think he was possibly the coolest man alive that looked good smoking (even though it's really bad for you).
7. You wish you were either him, or one of the women that got to be around him.

Smoking will never even look half as cool again.
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1. You know that he was the greatest singer in the world, bar none.
2. He was a superb actor who could do it all: Comedy and Drama (he's just not given the credit he deserves).
3. He was the greatest host in all showbiz history.
4. You know that he had a fantastic sense of humor that still resonates today.
5. You become very offensive when they accuse him of being nothing more than a drunk. IT WAS AN ACT! APPLE JUICE WAS IN THAT DAMN GLASS!
6. You know that no one else in the world could make smoking look nearly as cool as he could.
7. You know that every man and woman that was in his presence were amongst the luckiest of people in the whole universe.
Apple juice, apple juice, apple juice!
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      If you hadn't already noticed that this post is extremely biased, then I'm telling you now: it is extremely biased. If you don't like it, get outta my blogspot (I'm just kidding, but if you don't feel even  half the way that I feel, then why are you even here?)


Natalie said...

I LOVE THIS! You mind if I steal the idea for a Stanwyck version? <333

FlickChick said...

I confess - I am an expert! I'll take Dino over Frankie any day. Maybe Frankie was smoother, but I'd rather hand with Dino any day of the week and twice on Sundays! Thanks for a fun post.

Anonymous said...

First of all i would like to congratulations you to this very good text, i could notice that you are like me (love DINO and be angry when someone talk wrong things about him)and if i can wish something to you, i would like to read more about DINO on your blog.
thank you anyway.