Saturday, June 2, 2012

Star of the Month: Dean Martin

     I have been waiting for what seems like forever for June to roll around--and now, it's finally here. If you know me, then you really shouldn't be surprised; and if you don't know me, but have read a few select things on this here blog of mine, then you might have possibly have guessed it if you were privy to a couple of pieces of knowledge such as the month Dean was born.
     This month is going to be packed of stuff about Dean. Now, it may not be fair considering all the people I've done so far have only really gotten film reviews for their five essentials and a 7 degrees. If you are a fan of one of my past star of the months, I apologize. In my own defense, however, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has shined a little bit more of a spotlight on my favorite, and then for the others a little less (which doesn't mean I don't love them). Also, if an actor or actress has already been a star of the month, it doesn't mean that they want ever pop on this blog again.
      So, without furter ado, here's the star of the month:

The man of the month . . . and what a man.
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silverscreenings said...

Dean TOTALLY deserves to be star of the month. Good pick!

azw596 said...

Looking forward to this month's posts, and don't worry, it's totally fair to shine an extra bit of the spotlight on a favourite.
In that (spot)light, might we also perhaps be privileged to your thoughts and comments on some of your favourite picks from Dean's fabulous songs?

Anonymous said...

Dino be on star of the month is very fair. I think that he was the most singer that ever lived, and he was very handsome and funny too. Everytime that i see a movie with him I'm thrilled.