Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cary on Jeopardy?

"I'll take Cary Grant films for $2,000, Alex."
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     This day, for me, has made history. Why? you ask. One, I just got my first car--a red 2006 PT Cruiser, and it is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. And tomorrow, once the dealership takes care of one more thing, it will be MINE! BWAHAHAHAHAHA . . . clears throat . . . Sorry. I'm okay. I'm okay.
     I think . . .
     And the second reason is because Jeopardy, my favorite game show, just had a whole category on Cary Grant entitled Cary Grant's Films . . . I kid you not. And as Alex read off the clues, I stood excitedly and read and answered the question before Alex could even finish reading it off himself.
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     Granted, (pun not intended . . . not really, anyways), the answers were really easy and I'm sure any classic film fan could have answered them correctly even if they are not a fan of Cary's, but as you all know, I am! And, so, I'm sure you see why I'm so excited over the fact that Cary had his own category . . . I mean, I am writing a post on this.
      So, yes, if you hadn't yet confirmed, I am obsessed with Cary Grant and anything that even mentions him, or alludes to him, or is all about him, I'm all over it like white on rice . . . yes, I so just went there.
     I think I'm still a little hyped up on the fact that Jeopardy just made me the happiest person ever. And now the only way Jeopardy can ever get better is to give Dean his own category . . . they've had him as clues before, but they have yet to give him his own category (as far as I know). It will happen though. One day, it will happen.


FlickChick said...

I share your obsession (such a nice obsession) and I KNOW I could have aced that category!

silverscreenings said...

How great to hear that Cary Grant had his own Jeopardy category! Nice!

Also, congrats on the new car! That is really exciting.

Page said...

Please stop obsessing over my boyfriend, Cary Grant!

I don't watch Jeopardy but if I had seen it I would have been just as thrilled.

Congrats on your first car and for reminding me of just how old I am. ha ha