Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Cary! Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is a very important day for two reasons. One, and the most obvious to all, is that today is Cary Grant's birthday. If he were alive he would be 109. Oh, yeah, and considering how amazing he looked when he was in his eighties, I guarantee you he would still be looking amazing if he were still alive (and with all the centenarians that are alive today is not a stretch to say that he could be alive today).

Here he is at 65.
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     I'm not going to write a really emotionally piece today as I usually do whenever Cary is mentioned. One, I think you all might be getting slightly tired of them all, and two because I just don't really feel up to it. Another time, and another day, maybe, but not today. And besides, today is a day to remember Cary and to do so fondly, to sit on the couch and watch your favorite movies of his back-to-back; to laugh with him, to laugh at him, and to just watch a man who enjoyed his craft enjoying himself on the silver screen. 
     That's what I'll be doing anyways.

Cary Grant
Look at him being all dapper.
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     The second reason why today is a very important day (and quiet honestly the most important) is that today in 1956, my father was born. Yep! Today is my dad's birthday, and I've got to tell you, I'm supremely jealous of him. Granted, I share my birthday with Hedy Lamar, but I do not have an infatuation with her as I do Cary. I mean, hello, Cary's the reason why I'm so obsessed with classic films like I am. He's the beginning, middle, and end for me when it comes to films. And my dad's lucky enough to have been on the same day as Cary fifty-two years later. 
     And what does he have to say to me about this? 
     I quote: "Hahahahahaha!"
     My dad is such a child. And I love him.
     So, Happy Birthday, Cary; Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you both so much!


azw596 said...

Happy birthday to both Cary and to your Dad! Thanks for another great post and hoping you make the most of today!

FlickChick said...

Oh mt dear - didn't you hear? Cary is MINE! Seriously, since you love him so much, I'll share. Thanks for the heartfelt birthday cheer for Cary and your Dad.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Cary and your dad! Cary Grant is my fav actor of all time as well. Hope you have a great day.

silverscreenings said...

Happy Birthday to both!

Cary Grant did have his good looks all his life, didn't he? Lovely tribute.