Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 Degrees of Sidney

     How is Sidney Poitier connected to Tina Fey? I guess I made this a little harder then I intended it to be originally, so I've changed it to fill in the blank. I'll give you a hint as to how everyone is connected, and all you have to do is "fill" in the blank. Hopefully this will be easier.

Poitier ==> Sammy Davis, Jr. ==> __3__ ==> Matthew McConaughey ==> __5__ ==> __6__ ==> Tina Fey

Poitier ==> Sammy Davis, Jr. = Porgy and Bess, 1951
Davis, Jr. ==> __3__ = Cannonball Run, 1981; shared no scenes; famous NFL player
__3__ ==> Matthew McConaughey = Failure to Launch, 2006
McConaughey ==> __5__= Spin on a Charles Dickens novel, film released 2009
__5__ ==> __6__ = The Invention of Lying, 2009; British comedian

__6__ ==> Tina Fey = The Office, 2011
Whoa! Give me a minute to think about
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Briggitte said...

OH MY GOD! THIS IS LIKE 7 degrees to Kevin Bacon....
he's literally the center of the universe...its scaryyy!!!! :P

R.C. said...

Yes, that's where I got the idea, except it's six degrees with Kevin, and I've done seven simply because that's my favorite number. Do you know the answers? Literally, I think I made this too hard, but I was trying to stretch it out, show how someone who was popular from that time is connected to someone popular from this time. :P