Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sidney's Essentials

     Alright, here's the line up this month for my five Sidney Poitier essentials. Now, remember, these are my essentials, so if I don't include one that you think I should have, well, all I've got to say is that's how the cookie crumbles. Make your own Sidney Poitier Essentials, just don't knock mine.

1. A Patch of Blue . . . Film Review February 4th (Saturday)
2. The Defiant Ones . . . Film Review February 11th (Saturday)
3. To Sir, With Love . . . Film Review February 18th (Saturday)
4. Lilies of the Field . . . Film Review February 25th (Saturday)
5. Something of Value . . . Film Review February 29th (Wednesday)

     The order in which the reviews fall in are not in the order in which I favor them; it's just rather what I feel like doing for that day.

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